Steve J. Moore

Politics and the Coffee Pot

In Writing on August 1, 2008 at 11:50 am


Alt text is not amused by your mouse hovering.

I wake up in the morning
and the coffee brewing
sounds like Tony Blair
in a long grey tunnel
repeating the word “bottle”

in his distinguished brown
British accent.
But covered in hot grounds,
he cannot finish his thought
aloud. We are stuck wondering

what came before “bottle”
and what may have filled
it. Perhaps, a political bottle-
neck metaphor as we approach
election. Or maybe bottle-

caps littering the street
of the not-so-green London.
I see green bottles high up
on my shelf in a line
like soldiers guarding

the dishes and cups
reminding me of joyous nights
past. Some emptied more
hastily than others.
Now I await eagerly to drain

the pot with a burnt crust
ringed forever at its bottom
and I chuckle at the thought
of my diplomatic dark roast
as my eyes open slowly.



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