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Not Too Late for This White Horse

In Music, Radio on January 8, 2009 at 10:52 pm

Warning to People of the Internet: the following post contains references to country music.

Taylor Swift’s sophomore album, “Fearless,” enters the room of coked out pop starlets that is pop music with an enchanted poof of fairy dust, looks around, dusts off a stool with a pink feather, and orders a Coke. Prince Charming, Akon, and John Mayer all ask if they can get her a straw. Swift disposes the notions quickly that she’d be someone’s bong hit (sorry Johnny) or something to smack ’til sore (no love for Mr. Kon). Only a gentleman will do.


Five years ago, I would have never told you that I enjoyed country music, and if I did it would have been a lie. It was usually an experience relegated to the passenger seat of my girlfriend’s car. Slowly but surely, I was assimilated through various means like my interests in folk music (Bob Dylan leads to Gordon Lightfoot, who leads to Nickel Creek, who leads to Dixie Chicks… you get the picture).

I knew even  then that resistence was futile; I would surely soon be reborn in a straw hat, coveralls, a carhart jacket, riding an international harvester. I suppose my conversion is total now, except for all of the stereotypical items I just rattled off, because here I am writing about Taylor Swift.

To be fair, even now I’ve only heard the album because of my wife (still don’t have CMT set to record my DVR, sorry), but I crave variety. My Coverflow should go from Kraftwerk to Tom Waits, from Hootie and the Blowfish to Dave Bruebeck, and from Yo-Yo Ma to (old) Metallica. I’d recommend trying new things to everyone 😉 I find that the more I branch out the more I come to appreciate new things about old favorites.

Back to Taylor, it always makes me happy to see cohesion on an entire album as opposed to a series of single tracks that just happen to be on one disc. Fearless goes from title to title like the pages in Swift’s diary (take that for what you will, but it flows). The fact that she wrote every song herself, with help on only a few, including the female Jack Johnson herself Colbie Caillat, makes for a nice authenticity in style. Every song feels necessary, which, on a pop album of any sub-genre, is not easy to find.

Check out the album on the new DRM-free iTunes +

Taylor Swift - Fearless

  1. I’ve never been tempted to listen to country music until now. I may just give it a chance. Man, you could recommend . . . oh I don’t know, who’s the worst musician ever? . . . Paris Hilton’s album, and based on your vivid descriptions, I would probably go out to the nearest used music store or dump to dig for it.

    Not to change the subject, but have you heard David Cook’s album? I haven’t yet, and I’m on the fence about buying it. If you did a review, I’d probably finally get it. After all, he is a local boy. Worked at the HV her in BS and everything. I worked alongside an American Idol! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (12-year-old girl scream)

  2. Wow! I’m flattered, thank you!

    As for our Blue Springs fellow, you’re getting ahead of me. I’ve got his new album and have listened to it a few times through now. I’m working up as post as we speak 😉

  3. If you are getting more into country, I’d suggest checking out The Band of Annuals.

    Here are some links:

  4. Logan, thanks for the suggestions. That group has a really great bluesy-tonk feel, I like it.

  5. I saw Band of Annuals play live, they were incredible. Also I went to high school with Logan.

  6. I’ll need to make sure I know when they come to MO.

  7. […] the fact that you listen to ‘girl music,’” but I got through posting about Taylor Swift, so it’s easy to ignore […]

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